Big L turns 10

Its a party atmosphere here at Big L Towers this May and we have good cause to celebrate! Big L will have been broadcasting for TEN YEARS on the 14th May 2015.

Look out for some special shows from our team here at Big L International - if you miss them, check out our Listen Again page.

Instead of spending the day constantly looking over our shoulders at the last ten years, we will spend the 14th of May looking forward to the next ten years! No doubt there will be chance during the day to mention some of the jocks that have previously been with the station but lets also celebrate the present and future with our great team of dedicated jocks.

Line up for Thursday.

5am. Bondy
7am. Simon Davis
8am. Suzy
10am. Steve James
12pm. Danny Vam Dam
2pm. Kev Reed
4pm. Roger Davis
6pm. Paul Graham
7pm. Cookie
9pm. Beatles Hour
10pm. Dave Mason
11pm. Emp. Rosko

We'll also be having some fun at the Frinton studio on Saturday so listen out for Kev joining Danny at 10am and Danny joining Kev at 1pm! No doubt Paul Vos will join in too along with quite a few other of the Big L team.

Thanks to all our listeners for your continued support. Here's to the future!

The Big L Team.