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Ian Cook

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December 23, 2013


Big L DJ Ian Cook can be heard on the airwaves of Big L International:-


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 2-4pm

Thursday 7-9pm


Be warned, Cookie likes a bit of vinyl. Its nothing unusual to hear a scratch or two on these shows!

Paul Vos

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December 23, 2013


Paul caught the radio virus the first time he heard off-shore radio back in 1964. Wouldn't it be great to have your own radio show? Since then he has looked for every opportunity to learn and try himself.

He has worked for hospital radio, has done a lot of club and drive-in work and did the lunchtime show on Startlight Radio and Radio Royaal, two free radio stations operating from the Belgian side of the border into the south of Holland. He has helped to setup community radio in his home town Best, close to Eindhoven.

Discovering BigL in 2005 made him a big fan and he has followed the stations progress even since. Getting the opportunity to host his own show on his favourite station is a dream come true.


Paul's a great fan of the 60's, 70's and 80's music and loves a good portion of Soul, Motown and Reggae. Paul is not a native speaker of English, but his 4 year stay in the south of Ireland, enjoying a solid education by the Jesuits of Limerick, will prevent him from too much mumbling double Dutch. In his show he will share little facts about that nation behind the dikes, some to laugh about and some that might astonish you, but in all cases with a friendly wink.


You can hear Paul Vos on Big L International:-


Monday 4-6pm

Tuesday 7-10pm

Saturday 7-8pm

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December 18, 2013

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