Sunday 8th April 2012

Goodness gracious, it's holiday time again! You know what that means don't you?
Yes it's time for another two hours of  Uncle Chirpy's Children's Favourites 

That cheerful Chirpy chap will be doing another one of his wonderfully nostalgic 'Children's Favourites' shows on Sunday 8th April, which (by coincidence) just happens to be Easter Sunday apparently! Simon and Ellie will be taking a well deserved rest and Cookie will be covering the first two hours of their show from 2 till 4pm and then Uncle Chirpy's Children's Favourites gets under way from 4 till 6pm.

So if you'd like to put the Easter bunny out in the garden for a couple of hours, we'll dig out the laughing policeman and see if Ernie can  drag his horse and cart out of the dairy. Oh what fun, it'll be just like having a two-hour Whee Break!

Danny Van Dam will be covering the early breakfast show at 8am.