Big L Pirate Radio Shows August 2012

Big L is gearing itself up for another of our classic "Pirate Radio Days" on Tuesday 14th August 2012.

However, if you can't wait for the 14th to get your fill of nostalgia, Paul Vos & Phil Troll will kick start the celebrations early on Saturday August 11th. Paul Vos tells the RNI story at 7pm and Phil Troll presents a documentary about the offshore pirates from 1964 to the present day at 8pm, including soundbytes and the tunes of the day.

The sounds of the offshore pirates will be brought back loud and proud with the Big L jocks right throughout Tuesday 14th with special programmes planned from Chirpy, Danny Van Dam, Cookie and Dave Mason to name but a few!

If you are awake at midnight, Kev Reed hosts a special edition of Big L Big Love feating the FAB 500's love songs, Danny Van Dam will play the final Radio London FAB 40, split over two lunchtimes (Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th), Cookie will comemorate the close down of Radio London at 3pm and Dave Mason will be playing the Singles & the Jingles of the pirates between 10 and 11pm. As Dave says, "It might have been 45 years ago but we will always remember the day the government tried, and failed, to take our music away!"

As always, we will be delighted to take your emails and phone messages during the day to allow you to relate your memories on air, sharing the wonderful days of free, real radio. Get in touch via the email form or leave your messages on 01255 808 112 (0044 1255 808 112 outside of the UK)