Windows Media Stream Advisory

It is unlikely that we will keep supporting the Windows Media Stream (WMA) much longer. We are letting you know now so you have plenty of time to alter any saved stream details you have listed on your internet radios or media players if you were using the WMA stream. We have a rather substantial range of alternative streams available for you to select and would highly recommend you consider switching to one of these alternative streams sooner rather than later if you are using the WMA feed.

We are currently testing a new very high quality audio stream using the Opus format. Once we have fully tested the new stream in-house, we will list the additional stream on this web site.

Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries or need further information on how to use any of our mp3 or aac streams.

Don't forget, this only affects the WMA stream - all our other mp3, aac and ogg streams are unaffected and unchanged. Historically the WMA stream was used on the old website pop up player - we moved away from using WMA on the site pop up player quite some time ago.

The Big L International Team.
25th July 2015.