Norman Barrington comes to Big L on a Monday soon

Coming to a  Monday Soon  on Big L International... 2011 marks 60 years since the inception of Pams of Dallas, and the wave of offshore pirates that brought the sound of top forty radio to Europe for the first time. These stationswere also the first to bring the sound of Radio Jingles especially those of Pams to this side of the Atlantic. I was quickly entranced by the variety jingles used, mostly Pams, though frequently stolen from other US stations with the original IDs edited out, or straight Demo tapes, but also legitimately bought by the likes of Radio London, Radio England, and Britain Radio. With a good sprinkling of Generic material such as the annual NAB campaigns. I have created a two hour retrospective with the help of my American friend Ken R Deutsch. I leave the history of Pams itself to Ken's narration, which includes a direct mention of the official PAMS website as a source of more info on the subject. and then in the second hour, I narrate the nostalgic look back to primarily radio on this side of the Atlantic. I also give an explanation as to how the discovery of the customisation of music tracks, utilising variable lyrics and ID logo melodies captured both mine ( and so many others' on both sides of the Atlantic) imagination. All these years down the line, there is still a fondness for the sound of Pams and it's contemporaries. No doubt deeply embedded in the subconscious of our generation. I suppose I was looking for an excuse to indulge once again in some golden classics! Yours Norman