20th Century Boy - The Musical

Big L jocks Simon and Ellie paid a visit to The Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich to see 20th Century Boy - The Musical. This is Ellie's review.

Being a lifelong T Rex fan I didn't know what to expect when we were invited to see the new production of 20th Century Boy - The Musical. When arriving at the New Wolsey theatre in Ipswich I thought "how will they tell the story? What will they tell?" What a stroke of genius telling through the eyes of Rolan Bolan. Through an ingenious use of lighting, TV graphics and an excellent cast I was spellbound throughout. Expecting singing to backing tracks or miming what a surprise to see all tracks performed live with a band. George Maguire as Marc is either a lifelong fan as well, or has spent hours watching footage as he had all the moves and his singing voice excelled. Ok being the Bolan nut I am I was nudging Simon and explaining a few mis-chronological orders but that's just me!
I am not going to spoil it anymore, it is a must see show and is running at the New Wolsey Ipswich until Sat 1st October 2011.
To get a taster my Bolan show is on the Big L listen again page. www.pod.streamer1.com