Pure internet radio streams

Some of our listeners have been reporting problems listening to Big L via their Pure internet radios. This is a problem we are aware of and has possibly come about as a result of us moving to more powerful servers. Anyhow, we can offer these instructions to help you find Big L again on your Pure radio. Please note, Big L accept no responsibility if your radio stops working as a result of these instructions!

First off, you need to have an account on Pures web portal called "The Lounge" [link]
If you haven't, log in and set one up then add your radio in the DEVICES area of MY ACCOUNT. (top of the screen) You will need the identification code off the back of your radio for this. Once done, you can move to the next step.

Now your radio is registered, on the left hand side of THE LOUNGE you will see, half way down, a heading FAVOURITES and a + symbol.
Click the + and now you can add custom streams and stations. We would suggest firstly adding a new folder called "BIG L STREAMS then you can go back and add a custom station. To do this, once again click the + by FAVOURITES, then ADD CUSTOM STATION.
To find the stream, go to our web site home page and right click on the stream of your choice listed on the right hand side of the page. Select COPY SHORTCUT (COPY LINK ADDRESS in Chrome) and then paste this into the field AUDIO URL. Fill in the rest of the details requested but in the station name field, call the it Big L 128k stream (if this is what you have selected!). Save the custom station and then repeat the procedure for some of the other streams we have listed on our home page making sure each time you add a custom station you ensure it goes in the BIG L STREAMS folder you created earlier.
What you will have now is a folder on your radio called MY FAVOURITES which you can select, then you will see the BIG L STREAMS folder listed on your radio's display. Select that and you will now see all the streams you have added. (now you will see why we suggested you call each stream BIG L 128k or BIG L 48k BIG L 32k etc)
If your radio says "station not available" in the future, just hit the down arrow on your remote and re-select the stream or an alternative.
Needless to say, you can do create more custom folders to add other stations. As these are custom stations, Pure do not delete them if they can't find them.
A final word - congratulations on owning a Pure internet radio - they sound great!